Organizer for Treasures Dragons & Adventurers Catan Scenario



Note, I’m only making this available in black or white until February because I just released this and it’s a very busy time for me. The pictures show pink right now as I didn’t have time to make mockups for black and white organizers.

This is 3D printed organizer to hold all the pieces for Treasures, Dragons, & Adventurers. It is designed to fit in the box that it came with. Also, of you have the big organizer that I designed for Catan and the 4 main expansions/extensions, this will fit into the empty space in the 3rd box.

It is designed such that everything stays in place with the lid closed.

Please note that this organizer does not come with any game pieces and is only shown for demonstration purposes. Since it is 3d printed, there may be minor imperfections.

Additional information

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions8 × 6 × 4 in


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