Collapsing Resource Card Tray for Catan

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This card tray holds up to 6 stacks of cards from either the base Catan game or from the Cities & Knights expansion. It can hold cards that are up to 57mm wide, with the stacks being up to 20mm tall. Cards longer than 80mm will stick out of the front. The trays have a slope to them to make it easier to grab exactly one card.

And of course, the best feature is how the trays slide into a cascading position allowing you to fit 6 stacks of cards without taking up much space on your table. And when you are done, they slide back to allow for easy storage.

They are available with some of the organizers I sell and fit perfectly with them. If you want another color, just message me.

These are 3d printed, so there may be minor imperfections on it, but nothing that would interfere with functionality. Cards are not included and are shown for demonstration purposes.

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9 reviews for Collapsing Resource Card Tray for Catan

  1. Edward

    Since it is 3d printed, the collapsing part is not too smooth but it is good enough. The space for cards is side enough for when sleeves are on but I wish they were 2-3mm taller so that I can fit my sleeved dev cards. I have the 5-6 player expansion so its a very tight fit. Since I mostly play C+K now, I just have the dev cards in a separate bag.

  2. emily

    My gaming nerd was very excited about this item! “Finally! something for all those cards!” Item shipped faster than I thought it would for a made-to-order item!

  3. Pat

    These collapsing card holders are fabulous. Quality is great, they match the description and more than meet my expectations. They expand and collapse easily making setup/take down so quick and easy. Was worried they might not fit in my 25 year old Catan box, but they are perfect. Thanks for a quality and innovative product. Definitely recommend.

  4. TheDudeAbides

    I’ve been through quite a few card holders from Etsy and these are definitely the best! It’s an ingenious design, very stable when unfolded and when folded fits well in our game box. They fit Catan cards perfectly!

  5. Mark

    Got them the same day TICKET TO RIDE arrived. I LOVE them 😀 I will DEFINITLY be back for more 😄

  6. Caleb

    These caddys are a bit tricky to open and close sometimes due to the texture of the filament print on the moving parts; however, they definitely function as intended and save valuable table top space for games with a lot of small decks of different kinds of cards like Catan. We also like being able to move all the cards at once instead of multiple little piles. These tools make play just a little bit easier meaning there’s more time for fun.

  7. Katie

    Great product! Works to keep me organized while playing a number of games. Highly recommend this product!

  8. caileybug

    My boyfriend is a boardgames graphic designer and he always wants to try to make games easier to store and play. He’s going to love this.

  9. Amanda

    These work well for Eldritch Horror and other games with several decks of cards. The mechanics could work a bit smoother, but otherwise very nice.

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