Organizer for Catan+Seafarers + 5-6 Player Extensions Organizer with Player Trays and Resource Card Trays. 3D Printed.

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Note: Even if you don’t have the expansions or extensions, you can still use these organizers and player trays with what you do have. And the organizer will be ready for you in case you ever decide to buy the other Catan sets.

Combine everything from 4 Catan boxes into one, and save that space on your boardgame shelf and on your game table while playing. It holds everything from the Catan base game, the Seafarers expansion, and both 5-6 player extensions. And it is designed so you can store the box on its side without worrying about anything moving out of place.

If you have Catan with the Seafarers Expansion and both Extensions, you probably know how much of a hassle it is to put everything back into the baggies and then into the right box. I made this organizer so everything has a place to go. And the player trays allow you to have a tidy playing table during game time and they make cleanup and setup much easier. And the resource/development card trays keep all the cards together.
The organizer comes with the following:

* Hexes Holder to hold and separate all 4 sets of hexes.
* Tray, with lid, that holds the docks, numbers, dice, robber, and pirate.
* A small box with lids for all the Seafarers chits.
* 3x resource card holders. Each holder holds 2 decks of resources/development cards. Optionally, you can get the stacked resource card trays that are stacked to save you more space on your table, and collapsible so they can fit in the box with the organizer. Both types of card holders can hold the official Catan sleeves.

The player trays are available as an addon, in a set of 4 or 6 with colors that match the game pieces. If you want to purchase the trays without the organizer you can do so via my other listing:

The optional player trays also hold the 9 player pieces from the Cities and Knights expansion.

The color of the organizer will be randomly picked from black or white. I cannot guarantee I will have the color you want in stock, but if you have a preference, just send me a message or include a note with the order and I’ll do my best to get you the color you want. The dimensions of the player trays are 94mm x 116mm x 25mm (3.7in x 4.6in x 1in)

You can view a video on how everything fits into the organize here:

Note that since these are 3d printed, there might be minor imperfections. Game pieces are not included and are shown for demonstration purposes.

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20 reviews for Organizer for Catan+Seafarers + 5-6 Player Extensions Organizer with Player Trays and Resource Card Trays. 3D Printed.

  1. Chris

    I will say some of the 3D print material was still kinda stranding off on some of the containers but other than that it’s incredible, especially the player token holders. Really spectacular. For the price this insert is a steal, and I had the 25th edition box which means I have even more room for other stuff to put in there. This seller did an amazing job!

  2. Candida

    Everything fits! I just got the Seafarer expansion and extensions and wanted a solution to have everything in the same box, this totally fit the bill. I really like how well organized it is and split out so you only need to pull out certain pieces if you play just the base Catan. The lid of my box sits about 1/4 inch above the bottom of the base, but I think that’s because I have all the books in there too. Overall I’m super happy with this purchase.

  3. Morgan

    Arrived super fast and in perfect condition. All the pieces fit perfectly! I purchased the 6 player expansion set + the board organizer + stacking card tray. SO HAPPY I ORDERED THIS!! If you are frequent player of Catan, you need this organizer set in your life!

  4. Patrick

    Amazing product, Very sturdy. I ordered the 6 player extension and the stacked kit and all the 3d printed materials were black (except the color coded players trays) Everything fits nicely and i have the 25 years anniversary so room to spare for the next extension which will be Cities and Knights which already have the token slots ready in the player trays!

  5. Nicole

    This is great! It holds everything perfectly. Feels like good quality. I wish I had ordered the stacking card trays for their storage in the case, as the side by side ones don’t lock in place for storage. Really appreciate the included guide for getting it all in one box.

  6. Emily

    Very happy with my organizer. Makes it so easy to travel with one box rather than 4. Video was extremely helpful putting it all together. Makes for easy set up and break down. Seller worked with me and has great communication with buyer. Thank you thank you thank you!

  7. Miranda

    So so pleased with this! I hated having to put away all of the Catan pieces after a long game. You can tell that they really thought of everything to make it easier on you when making this product. They even provide a set of instructions on what goes in each spot. Thank you so much!!

  8. Tristan

    This was absolutely perfect! I am so happy to have all Catan + 5-6 & Seafarers + 5-6 all in one box and the tiles are still sorted by game/expansion.

  9. Desert

    Nice set! This helped clean up the cabinet I have dedicated to board and table games by consolidating several boxes, and is well organized. The optional expanding tray deal is pretty slick, and all of the items are of good quality. I had no problem fitting everything into the box by just following the included photo/description.

  10. Whitney

    We played tonight and it was so great to have the slots for the cards!!! Thanks so much, great product – all cities & knights, seafarers and regular catan fit in one box now!

  11. Lisa

    This is perfect for my son’s Catan collection. I gave it to him for his 11th birthday and it was his favorite gift. He immediately started organizing his Catan games into one box. He also thought it was really cool that it was 3D printed.

  12. Martha

    I purchased the organizer with 6 cards set. I messaged my color preference. They responded promptly and were able to accommodate my request. They arrived quickly, securely wrapped and the quality exceeded my expectations. These are a gift, so I have not seen it used yet but from what I can see so far I would recommend this store and this product.

  13. Jennifer

    Exactly what I never knew I needed to organize and get rid of all the little bags! Genius – everything fits perfectly.

  14. LavenderBlue

    Great quality and fast shipping! These organizers made set up, clean up, and storage fast and fun! Will definitely recommend this seller!

  15. Jess

    seller contacted me constantly throughout and was so so helpful! made sure my product got to me okay, offered me advice and tips when I couldnt figure out how to fit it properly, and gave me all sorts of helpful info! thanks again!

  16. Kristie

    Everything fit so nicely in the pieces provided. It’s gonna make lugging around all these boxes so much easier!

  17. Edward

    great for organizing my sets into a single box. I bought another card tray for my cities and knights cards and it all fits into the larger box that comes with the 25th anniversary version of catan

  18. Grace

    This the exact creative solution we were looking for! We love it.

  19. Jane

    Bought this as a gift for family members, so have not yet had the opportunity to see it all together in the original Catan box, but the components all look very nicely made. Seller communication and helpfulness is A+++ – thanks again!


    We just got into playing catan and love everything about the game except the game box “organizer” that comes with the game. It was always a mess every time we went to play and then clean up. And it only got worse after adding the expansion. This solution is perfection! We love the players packs too because it keeps everything tidy on the table. Perfect product!

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