Player Tray for Ticket to Ride and many expansions – Holds Your Pieces and Destination Tickets

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These player trays fit into the insert that comes with the Ticket to Ride board game. The lid opens up and allows you put the cards into the slots. It makes cleanup much easier since you don’t have to deal with the plastic baggies.

In addition to the player trays, you can get the optional card tray. It holds both the decks (train cards and destination tickets), along with a spot for the discarded train cards. There are also 5 spots for the face up cards. There is also a small compartment under the destination tickets to hold the extra train cars that come with the game.

The card tray was designed so that the cards are angled to make it easy to grab a single card at a time without knocking over the stack. The face up cards can be seen from all directions as long as your eye level is about 6 inches higher than the tray. The card tray is available in a small size for the smaller cards like the base Ticket to Ride USA game, and a larger version for the other expansions like 1910, Ticket to Ride Europe, and many others.

The player trays can hold cards for any of the Ticket to Ride games, but will work best with the ones that have have the text at the top since the lid is stair stepped. For cards that have the text on the map, or at the bottom, the cards towards the front might cover up the ones in the back. For something like Ticket to Ride Europe, you can put the cards sideways along a single row to be able to see the names.

The trays were designed by me in Fusion 360 and they are 3D printed using PLA plastic filament on high quality 3d printers.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.

Note that since these are 3d printed, there might be minor imperfections. Game pieces are not included and are shown for demonstration purposes only.

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17 reviews for Player Tray for Ticket to Ride and many expansions – Holds Your Pieces and Destination Tickets

  1. Amber

    Great product! I ordered the five-piece set for my husband’s birthday, and they work great! We use the larger card sizes from the expansion pack, and the card holders fit them all no problem. There are six slots for tickets, but as you collect more you can fit four cards per slot if you need to stack up on collected tickets. The colors match the trains perfectly and they fit in the game box. My husband is a hard man to shop for, but he loved these!

  2. Abby

    I bought the ticket to ride card holder set for my family for Christmas. They all opened the package with their color inside, and we played for the rest of the day! They’re very helpful for holding the destination cards. If you’re looking for something to hold up all of the colored train cards, this product might not be for you. But we love these little boxes for holding the train pieces and destination cards!

  3. Sheryl

    I bought a set as a gift for my friend and he loves it and they fit perfectly in the box! I should have done more research for the T2R Rails & Sails version as they don’t fit, but it would be a hassle to return the second set. I can still use them, although they don’t fit in the box since I’m unable to close the lid. Otherwise, excellent quality and my friend loves these for his base version of Ticket To Ride!

  4. Leigh

    Great, great product! Super easy to use. Fantastic quality. Awesome addition to my game.

  5. Kelly

    Amazing addition to your T2R box! I don’t like adding “upgraded” pieces that are just new pieces of the same thing. I would rather enhance what the game provides. This is perfect for that!

  6. lunneykm

    Turned out even better than I thought!

  7. Mark

    Got them on the same day TICKET TO RIDE AMERICA arrived. LOVE IT! DEFINITELY looking forward to more 😀 Thank you for your prompt service. 😄

  8. Kait

    They were as pictured, fits into the box and operates as explained. I looooove it! It’s a perfect addition to one of my favorite games!

  9. gstbrandy

    Genius! Purchased as a gift and the recipient loved it. Fits perfectly in the original Ticket to Ride game box. We have already used them in a game and it makes a difference! If you love Ticket to Ride, these are a great companion to help stay organized both in playing and storage.

  10. vwbubbles

    These boxes are perfect! Love that they fit into the ticket to ride box and the quality is great!

  11. woernerjr

    These organizers are so great! A must have for anyone who plays Ticket to Ride regularly. The card holder built into the lid of the train box is genius and works great. Set up and tear down of the game is quick and easy now, and everything fits in the game box so nicely now.

  12. Eric

    These (5 player trays for T2R) are great. Makes game storage AND gameplay much more organized. Great quality, fast fulfillment. Thanks!!!

  13. Shawn

    Really happy with the purchase! Items came quickly and just as described. Works great made playing more fun, not having to hold the cards and not having to straighten the pull deck of cards.

  14. Isabella

    Great item! Simple and so much easier for me to see my goals propped up using these. 😀

  15. Laura

    Amazing storage for Ticket to Ride pieces! The best part is that you can see your routes with this innovative design as you work on them. The route slots are deep, and you can even use them for vertical route cards from expansions (e.g. France).

  16. Mark

    Perfect for ticket to ride, amazing quality.

  17. Nichole

    Perfect in every way! Between quality, quick shipping and design….this was a fun purchase!

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