Card Tray for Ticket to Ride Board Game for Destination Tickets, Train Cards, Discard Pile, and Face Up Cards



This 3D printed card tray / organizer is designed by myself, for the Ticket to Ride board game. It’s purpose is to help keep your game organized and speed up game play considerably. The smaller cards tray holds the cards from the base USA game. The larger cards tray holds the cards from expansions like 1910, Ticket to Ride Europe and many others. Other than the size, the 2 trays are identical.

It has spots for the destination tickets, train cards, and the 5 face up cards along with a spot for the discard pile. It also has a small compartment under the destination tickets to hold the extra trains that came with the game.

The cards sit at an angle to make it much easier to draw exactly 1 card without worrying about knocking over the deck. And unlike the other card trays, the cards slide right out without having to pull them up vertically.

The face up pile is angled to allow easy visibility and access from all sides so anyone around the table can grab the cards they want. And I also flattened the lip of the destination ticket holder to make it easier to put the unused tickets under the pile.

For those of you that have sleeved cards, the draw piles can hold sleeves that are 71mm on the long side. The discard piles can hold 49mm x 73mm. This covers all the common sleeves that are used for this game that I could find. And the 5 face up spots can accommodate any sleeve for the standard ticket to ride cards. If you have sleeves that are larger than these, feel free to send me a message, and I can see what I can do.

You can also purchase an optional set of 5 player trays to hold the train pieces and your cards as seen in the picture. The set contains one of each color. If you want to purchase the player trays alone, you can get them from here:

This card tray is also a little more compact than the other trays so you can save a little more precious tabletop space.

Note, since these are 3d printed, there may be minor imperfections, but nothing that would affect functionality. Game pieces are not included and are shown for demonstration purposes.

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