Tray – Catan+SF+C&K (Catan + Seafarers + Cities and Knights)/Player Pieces Orgranizer

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This player tray / organizer holds the player pieces from the Catan Base game, Seafarers, and Cities and Knights, or any combination of the 3. It’s an excellent way to keep your board game organized and speed up game play. If you don’t have the expansions, you can still use these trays with the sets that you do have. If you have Traders & Barbarians or Explorers and Pirates, you may be interested in the player tray for those expansions:

You can also purchase custom colored versions of this tray, along with the player pieces, from my shop.

This tray holds all 15 roads, 15 ships, 5 settlements, 4 cities, 6 knight tokens and 3 city walls with a convenient lid that holds everything in place when not in use. Cleanup becomes much easier now. No more counting pieces and shoving them into tiny little baggies.

These trays fit perfectly alongside my other Catan listing for the organizer, which allows you to fit everything from Catan, Seafarers Expansion, and both 5-6 player Extensions into a single box, which holds everything securely. It also includes resource card trays that can be used for the cards while playing, and store perfectly in the organizer. There are 2 types of card tray sets as shown in the picture and both can hold the official Catan card sleeves. The organizer is available as an option on this listing. Or you can purchase the organizer by itself if you want, from this link :

You can also get an additional stacked card tray from my store of you want to be able to hold the cards from Cities and Knights.

If you order the set of 4, you will get red, orange, white, and blue trays. If you order a set of 6, you will also get green and brown.

Here are some of the features I have designed into the player tray:

* All 48 pieces for a player fit nicely into the tray, and they will stay there with the lid closed, but they are also easy to remove when open.

* Tabs on the hinges so the lid stays at a good angle when flipping it open.

* The player card fits perfectly into the lid. And because the card is now in the lid, there should be virtually no wear and tear on it from people handling it.

* The roads and ships are grouped in sections of 3 each so you can quickly and easily see how many you have left.

* I made it so the height is around 25mm with the lid on it. The inside of the box is a tiny bit higher than 75mm, which means that these trays will fit perfectly into the box when stacked 3 high.

* The length and width was also designed so that you can place 3 of them side by side to span the entire box. The dimensions of the player trays are 94mm x 116mm x 25mm (3.7in x 4.6in x 1in)

I designed the tray in Fusion 360 and printed them on high quality 3d printers.

Note that since these are 3d printed, there might be minor imperfections. Game pieces are not included and are shown for demonstration purposes. If you want game pieces with this tray, then check out the ‘custom colors’ listing for this tray in my shop.

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18 reviews for Tray – Catan+SF+C&K (Catan + Seafarers + Cities and Knights)/Player Pieces Orgranizer

  1. Deanna

    The quality is great! Exactly what I needed to organize my player piece! I have to store them in a different box from the base game because I have a different organizer for the other piece that I bought before I got the 5&6 player extensions but I was expecting.

  2. iokiashop

    So I have an older version of Catan (3rd edition) as well as the C&K and Seafarers but my pieces still fit really well in the organizer and stacking tray. I’m super happy with it. That to me is amazing as now it’ll take up less table space. Because I have an older set my harbors are big hexagons and not the little chits so it doesn’t fit the design of the docks/numbers/tray but that’s okay. The seller was really open in communication and told me that it probably wouldn’t fit right because it was designed for newer editions. So I was prepared for that. This purchase really exceeded my expectations

  3. Lindsey

    Absolutely incredible set that works perfectly! Arrived in perfect condition quickly and fit all my pieces. I recommend to anyone with both expansions!

  4. Jon

    Amazing Quality Items. It looks like it was build with a lot of care and the seller provided an amazing customer service experience and was very responsive of all my messages, inquiring, and questions. Will buy more products from them again. Thanks for the amazing items. So nice! RECOMMEND!

  5. Jacqui

    I went down a rabbit hole choosing some Catan holders for my parents last holiday season, and these were an ABSOLUTE HIT. They often play board games when traveling but space is limited in an RV, so this was the perfect solution. It was able to grow with them as they play with Cities and Knights now too and not just regular or Seafarers. I just purchased a second set for the home board games because they loved it so much — and my dad was just as excited as the first time! Simit3DPrints truly has a unique product in that it doesn’t just hold the pieces, but stores them, and the ability to condense so many boxes into one is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER. Amazing response times when I had questions before ordering, fast shipping, and the greatest product we could ask for. 100/10 all the way. If you’re thinking about it, buy it!

  6. Melissa

    We love this! Bought this for my husband for his birthday and couldn’t even wait for his birthday to give it to him. It looks great and works wonderfully. Now our game is so organized and much easier to play!

  7. Pat

    Bought one of these player pieces storage tray (with C&K) on a whim. It’s wonderful and now everyone else wants one also (instead of keeping the pieces in baggies). Quality is great, item matches the description and absolutely more than met my expectations. Will be purchasing more!

  8. Austin

    Great product!! Everything fits perfectly inside the OG Catan box and has room for the 5-6 expansion and Seafarers. It’s perfect!!!

  9. Thanh

    Arrived with care. My catan pieces fit so nicely and loved how they are displayed.

  10. Doug

    better than I expected. I actually just ordered four more custom colors to go with some sets for when we have 8-10 players.

  11. Jennifer

    Great communication with Seller as I just needed two for expansion set. Exactly as described, everything fits great, and flip top works great.

  12. Siobhan

    My boyfriend loved these as a birthday present and all our catan friends are jealous! These fit the pieces so much better than the hexagonal sorters we’ve gotten before. Be careful to open it from the top or all the pieces come spilling out

  13. Charlie

    Awesome! Love the containers and organization trays. Makes setting up and tearing down SO much easier. It’s nice that every piece has a place.

  14. Andrew

    I got the 6pack of containers for the Catan base game + Cities & Knights + Seafarers. I got 4 of them for my Catan club friends as gifts. These work immaculately. Perfect storage and organization during a game. Highly recommend!

  15. Dru

    Finally, a convenient holder for base+seafarers+C&K player pieces! The cover, which also holds the building costs card is a great touch. This is a great product.

  16. Sean

    Great organizer! Everything stays in its place – these are a fantastic idea and work as intended. Little harder to open then I’d like, but still the best option for all the 3 expansion pieces

  17. Cliff

    The quality is unmatched. A great item for playing Catan. Makes things a lot easier. Thanks to the seller for his great customer service.

  18. Daniella

    Excellent. Nice colour and easy to open. Any Catan enthusiast would love

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