Player Tray for Villainous Board Game – Sliding Card Holder



This 3d printed player tray for the Villainous board game is less than q0 inches long when collapsed for easy storage in the game box, and then extends to twice the size when it is time to play.

When collapsed, it holds the card decks and the folded board and neatly fits into the box. It easily slides open to hold the opened board with both decks of cards on either side.

Keeps you game organized while playing and while in storage. It is available it 6 colors shown in the pictures, with more on the way. If you have any request for other colors, just message me.

Note that since these are 3d printed, there will be minor imperfections, but nothing that would affect the functionality of the tray. Game pieces are not included and are only shown for demonstration purposes.

Make sure the tray is resting on a flat surface when opening and closing to ensure that there is no bending of the tracks.

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